Killing Your Dog with Kindness

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Our Border collie passed away at the age of ten after a surgery to remove a large mass from his stomach.  He actually came through the surgery but contracted a post op infection and died in the night a few days after the surgery.  Our dog was grossly overweight due to, what I believe, being fed too many table scraps.  My husband being old school says his dog, as a child, lived on table scraps.  Our dog had regular vet checkups and we were constantly told he was overweight and to cut down on the table scraps.  Our dog would sit beside my husband every time he was eating and the drool would drop out of his mouth. We had hard wood floors and it stain the floors. I could not get him to stop feeding scraps to our dog. I constantly told him he was killing him with kindness.  Pictured below is Teddy whom we lost at 10 years old.


Suddenly at the age of ten, our dog just stopped eating and lost weight.  We were told by the vet to feed him and bland diet of chicken breast and rice. He ate a little chicken but would not touch the rice. We were trying all kinds of antibiotics but nothing was working and he continued to lose weight.  Finally an ultrasound was done and they found a mass in his stomach.

Now our new border collie is now turning ten next month and he is a happy, healthy and high energy pup.  I’m still constantly on my husband to stop feeding Odie from his plate.  At least Odie only gets a small taste and not a half plate.  Odie has become somewhat of a picky eater and often drops what my husband gives him.  My husband has to clean up the mess that it made so he too is slowly learning not to feed the dog scraps.