A Dogs Vocabulary

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I once took a Sociology course in which the instructor stated that dogs don’t understand words and are only reacting to the tone of your voice.  Boy do I beg to differ!  I had a sprinkler system in my yard and I hired a guy to come and blow out my lines.  My Border Collie cross, named Lucky, was in the backyard with him.  I watched out the window and saw him talking to my dog while he threw a ball for him.  When he finished he said to me,” Boy I can’t believe how responsive your dog is. He sure is a good dog.”  Well Lucky didn’t know this guy from Adam and certinally not his tone so dogs do understand words.  I believe Lucky understood everything that was said to him.  He had many toys and would bring each one to me when I said the name of the toy.

I spent a lot of time with Lucky playing and talking to him.  I swear he understood everything I said to him. He was so cooperative when I bathed and groomed him.  He trusted me so much.  I had this tugger toy in which Lucky would hang onto and I would spin him around as he held onto it.  I had Lucky airbound and then would slowly bring him back down to the ground and come to a stop before he would let go.  I would kick a soccer ball around and if Lucky could not pick it up with his mouth he would dribble it back to me using his nose and front paws.  He was great with balloons too.  Throw a balloon at him and he would jump and bang it back to you with his nose.  I never needed a leash with Lucky. he stayed right by my side when I walked him.  Ive always had dogs in my life but Lucky was my all time favorite.  I sure missed him when he passed.