Zlolen Dog Bark Control Device



Zlolen Dog Bark Control Device

The upgraded Anti Barking Device utilizes ultrasonic technology, coming with enhanced gear adjustments of ultrasonic emission, which can meet different training demands for different dogs. One button to operate without delay, effective in dog training

The maximum ultrasonic effective control distance of 5m/16.4ft allows you to use this Dog Barking Deterrent Device to train your own dog or to drive away unfriendly dogs on the road. Besides, there is a unique switch button to prevent mis-operation. Once pressing the button, the touch of any button is invalid, thus avoiding unnecessary interference and damage to your dogs

This bark control device emits ultrasonic sound within the dog’s hearing range. It is 6 times that of human hearing. It is the most humane way to train the dog as well as prevent their bad behaviors and habits without any harm to your dog’s hearing and health as the sound frequency is between 25kHz and 30 kHz, also harmless to the human body. Moreover, if pressed over 10s, it will automatically stop to protect the dog from overstimulation