YTISEIRO Heavy Duty Bungee Dog Leash



YTISEIRO Heavy Duty Bungee Dog Leash

Multi-purpose Dual Handles: The top handle provides more freedom for daily dog walking, exploring, training. The bottom traffic handle focus on close control that helps to better and timely control when used on crowded areas, preventing pulling or encountering special situations such as cars approaching, crossing sidewalks

Highly reflective threads dog leashes ensure visibility at night and let your dog walk freely without leaving your sight. This whole dogs leash have extra reinforced stitching on both sides for safer dog walking and training.

There are soft cowhide on the inner of dual handle, which can protect you hand from friction. Durable dog leash with double-layer suture belt, it is not easy to break.

The shock-absorbing leash has a built-in elastic rubber band, which can extend to 72” from 62”. This design ease the pressure and prevent choking when sudden pull, dissipate most of the force and protect the dog that runs suddenly. Reducing the risk of the owner being pulled and falling.

The 360° Rotating Clip is made of Aviation Aluminum with a Max Force Tension of 450 KG. Professional swivel clasp prevent the dog leash from twisting and knotting, allowing your dog to get enough freedom. The durable climbing carabiner is quick-release, which enables a safe attachment to collar or harness.

The top handle has a safety red latch. When pushed down, you can press the side to open it and easily attach the handle anywhere. When pushed up, the snap won’t open when you press the side.