Waggedy Adult Soft Chews Dog Multivitamin & Immune System Supporter



Waggedy Adult Soft Chews Dog Multivitamin & Immune System Supporter

All-in-One Multivitamins for Dogs: As dogs age, it is essential to provide the right vitamins to support their health and well-being. Our daily adult supplements for dogs provide a full spectrum of vital minerals and vitamins to promote healthier skin, coat, nails, bones, and teeth for small to large dogs. Formulated to boost your pet’s immune system, this multivitamin for dogs helps maintain long-term health

Vet Approved: Safe for dogs one year and up, these dog breath chews come in 60 pieces with a tasty, natural flavor your pet will love. waggedy pet vitamins and supplements were formulated by veterinarians and manufactured in the United States in a cGMP & NSF certified facility. This ensures they provide the essential support your pets need to stay healthy and lively as they continue to grow

Tasty, Wholesome Nutrition: waggedy’s dog immune support chew treats are easy to swallow, mixed with food, or can serve as tasty dog treats to reinforce good behavior. Delicious and nutritious, this multivitamin for dogs chewable supplement is veterinarian-formulated to promote pet dental care with natural antimicrobials that help prevent bacteria and freshen breath!

Dog Immune Boost: In addition to boosting natural energy and vitality, our adult dog daily multivitamin chews also support their digestive health and overall system strength. This advanced formula contains essential dog nutritional supplements, including calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, iron, vitamins A, B, C, D, E, among others

Customized for Adult Dogs: Backed by powerful antioxidants, these daily dog food supplements neutralize harmful free radicals and protect cells from oxidative damage.. The premium combination in our multi vitamin for dogs can help slow down the aging process, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, fortify your pet’s strength, promote health, and maintain natural vitality