Tractive GPS Pet Tracker for Dogs



Tractive GPS Pet Tracker for dogs

 If you’ve experienced the anxiety of not knowing where your dog is, then you know you don’t ever want to feel that again. With Tractive, you can follow your dog’s steps in real-time anywhere in the world with no distance limits!

Tractive not only tracks your dog’s steps but monitors their well-being to make sure your dog gets enough rest and exercise. Set goals, keep track of your walks and even have some friendly competition with our Tractive activity leaderboards!

Spot activity and sleep patterns which could be a sign of pain or illness and receive alerts when there is anything unusual

This covers all the costs of the integrated SIM card for unlimited data & unlimited range. Starting from $5/month (varies depending on subscription plan); try it for free with our 30 day money back guarantee

A notification gets sent straight to your phone when your dog leaves your custom-made virtual fence