Topkech No Chew Spray for Dogs



Topkech No Chew Spray for Dogs

Just spray it where you want your pet to stay away, and the pet will not dare to get close, and the package is exquisite and small, which is suitable for taking pets out.

Bitter spray for dogs to stop chewing can effectively prevent dogs from scratching and biting and staying away from restricted areas, damaging furniture or other daily necessities.

Our spray has a bitter aroma, which can correct the bad habits dogs licking wounds, tearing furniture and scratching at walls. It can be applied indoors and outdoors and kept clean.

Natural ingredients such as glycerin, tea tree oil and 100% organic herbal extract are adopted, and the formula is mild, non-irritating, safe and harmless. This cat spray deterrent prevents most cats from destroying houses.

This bitter spray for dogs to stop chewing can be used in various occasions, such as shoes, furniture, clothing and plants,etc.,and its ingredients are natural, which will not affect the health of pets, nor damage the furniture, and the spraying will not leave traces.