The Coat Handler Undercoat Control deShedding Dog Shampoo



The Coat Handler Undercoat Control deShedding Dog Shampoo

 Achieves a excellent clean and adds moisture, dramatically reduces shedding when used on a regular basis. Gives hair a fresh start by deeply cleaning, purifying, conditioning, and deodorizing with our tried and true premium formula.

Used by professional pet stylists and groomers worldwide. Our professional grade, concentrated products on Amazon are the same premium shampoos used at grooming salons around the world. Coat Handler de Shedding shampoo is also safe for use on cats.

Vitamin E helps to loosen undercoat and combat shedding by adding strength to the hair root. Soothes and nourishes sensitive dry skin while eliminating odors.

100% Biodegradable, Soap and Cruelty Free. Will not wash off topical flea and tick treatments if used per instructions.

32:1 Ultra Concentrated, Dilute 32 parts water to 1 part shampoo or use at full strength if desired. pH balanced formula that is expertly crafted for your pet’s skin.