Potaroma Dog Puzzle Toy Dog Food Treat Feeding



Potaroma Dog Puzzle Toy Dog Food Treat Feeding

Start your pups off with a level 1 puzzle, add some treats in the base compartments and watch your dogs get their tasty reward by nudging the lids. For dogs who have mastered level 1, for added challenge in level 2, just put some treats in the top compartments, teach your dogs to press the top cover to dispense treats down into the base compartments and finally enjoy their reward

The large capacity top transparent granary saves you the hassle to refill dog food frequently. The product can also be used as a slow feeder utensil for your dogs, which promotes healthy ingestion by slowing down eating speed by over 10x. Great for large and small dogs

4 non-slip rubber mats and weighted base hold the dog puzzle toy firmly in place when dogs eat and nudge and prevent the toy from tipping over

The dog puzzle toys are designed with your pet’s health in mind, made of durable food-grade PP materials. Non-removeable parts make it safe and easy to clean. And you can give puzzles toy to your dog or directly out of the box, just no assembly!!

Trains Dog’s Intelligence: interactive treat puzzle game challenges your puppies to get their reward of treats, works your dog’s mind while reducing boredom and destructive behavior like chewing, digging and excessive barking. Size: 4.2 inch height