Freezable Fillable Large Rubber Dog Toy.



Large Chew Toy, Freezable Fillable Rubber Dog Toys

The dog toy opens in the middle and fill the dog treat tray with your dog’s favorite foods or treats, pop it in the freezer, Pop the frozen treats in the toy for delicious, large capacity 6 cavities silicone dog treat tray can be used for long-lasting dog play.

Use the textured grooves lid alone as a slow food toy. Helps with dog mental stimulation, you can either smear soft foods like peanut butter, yogurt, pumpkin purée or cottage cheese on the inside of this lid and freeze to extend the licking interaction. Makes for a great dog licking toy!

Use silicone stopper to plug the top holes, leaving the remaining side holes to leak food, dogs must roll or push the ball to get the food which inside the ball, your pet’s brain and intelligence will be improved greatly through healthy exercise.

Interactive dog toy balls will keep your dog cheerful when chasing and fetching, it’s like football players running and playing the football, Perfect for indoor or outdoor activities.