Large Automatic Dog Water Bowl Dispenser



Large Automatic Dog Water Bowl Dispenser

7L Large Capacity & Wide Drinking Area: 1.8Gal large dog water fountain is perfect for all breeds of dogs. The wide and deep drinking area provides 700ml of emergency water for your pets in case of power outages. Also makes your large dog comfortable and happy to drink.

Equipped with 2 large-size replaceable filters, provides clean and fresh water to pets. The microporous cotton layer filters pet hair and food particles, the activated carbon layer removes odor, and the ion exchange resin layer softens the tap water. Finally, the high-density sponge further purifies the water and protects the pump. Recommend replacing the filter every 2-4 weeks.

Our safe smart pump features an anti-dry burning and LED shortage reminder, it would automatically stop working if there wasn’t enough water in the tank, and the LED light turns from blue to red, reminding you to add and replace fresh water to your fur pet in time. And the transparent tank design is convenient for monitoring your pet’s daily water consumption.

The UPSKY automatic dog water dispenser comes with an ultra-silent pump and runs at 30 dB, which will not disturb the sleep and work of pets and owners. The unique fountain head design disperses the water flow into 9 streams, which will draw your pet’s attention and encourage them to drink more often. Please clean the pump every 2-4 weeks for the health of your pets.

All parts of the dog water fountain are easy to assemble and disassemble and come with brushes and tweezers to ensure that every part is cleaned. You could easily refill water just pressing the buttons on both sides to remove the tray.