Dog Water Fountain for Large Dogs



Dog Water Fountain for Large Dogs

The 256oz/2Gal/8L extra-large dog water fountain can hold a lot of water for a large dog or several pets to easily drink. You’ll always have enough fresh and cool drinking water for your pet. The water tray is wide enough to provide 500ml emergency water for your pets in case of power outages.

This automatic dog water fountain is equipped with an ultra-quiet pump. Lower than 30dB keep your pets healthy and hydrated without the nuisance of annoying noise.

Our water fountain for dogs and cats is equipped with LED indicator light, the beautiful blue light lets you to clearly see the water level in the bowl! No more guessing if they have enough water. When the light turns red, you need to add water. (Tips: The direction of LED can be adjusted 360-degree, you can control the direction of light freely.)

Dog water fountain with 3-layer filter, the fine foam cotton layer to filter hair residues, the activated carbon layer removes nasty flavors and scents, the ion exchange resin layer could soften the tap water.

Say goodbye to messy water bowls and constant refilling. All parts are easy to assemble and disassemble and can be cleaned in a few minutes. You can also easily clean your pump every week or two weeks to ensure the safety of drinking water for your pets.