Dog Toys 4-Pack Indestructible Dog Chew Toys



Dog Toys 4-Pack Indestructible Dog Chew Toy

“Destroyed in less than a day” If this sounds familiar, you may be a victim of “cheap dog rope toys or plush squeaky toys syndrome.” However, No more sad, TonyEst dog toys made of food-grade nylon is almost indestructible, It’s definitely strong and tough for extreme chewers, lasts a long time, does not fall apart. Also, these durable dog toys, much cheaper option to keep her occupied than something like bully sticks which she goes through in a few hours.

Chewing and playing will help dogs relieve anxiety and release extra energy at home alone, 4 different shapes of chew toys will bring more fun to the active chewers. Also, biting and chewing can effectively prevent the formation of dental calculus, which can greatly reduce problems of oral hygiene. You may also apply some of treats, such as cream cheese, peanut butter and etc on the dog bones chew toy groove, used for dog licking toy.

If your strong chewers crazy about on hard bones, please don’t hesitate, keep your dog occupied and avoid destructive behavior. It’s easy to clean and can be washed by hand or dish-washer.

Indestructible dog chew toys features a irresistible tempting bacon scent to pique your dog’s interest. They are always happy to nibble and chew to get satisfaction. This is well proven in German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Siberian Huskies and many other medium/large breed. This is a perfect and extremely special gift for the aggressive chewer or the energetic destroyer!