Dog Talking Training Buttons



Dog Talking Training Buttons

Dog Buttons allow you to teach your pet to “speak” by associating different button presses with specific actions or commands. Enhance communication with your furry friend in a fun and interactive way.

The dog button features top-quality speakers that deliver rich and clear sound.

Press and hold the “REC”, start recording voice after hearing “beep”. Then release “REC” after finishing recording and hear “beep-beep”. Press the top button to playback the recording voice.

Velcro with higher stickiness and stronger adhesion could securely anchor the button to the dog communication mat, preventing it from sliding on the floor or mat.

Made of high quality ABS plastic and non-slip rubber mat. The package include manual, dog talking buttons, mat, sticker, velcro & screwdriver. Notice: 2 AAA batteries need to be prepared by yourself.