Dog Poop Bags, 540 Counts Biodegradable



Dog Poop Bags 540 Count Biodegradable

Biodegradable dog poop bag eco are made of high-quality, vegetable-based ingredients ,earth friendly non normal plastic material can be break down in the nature.Yingdelai poop bags aim to reduce the plastic pollution to the environment.

Portable dog waste bag, Odor-control Fresh Scented puppy poo bags for all size of dogs, poop bags for dogs also can be used for cat poop clean up, baby dirty diapers, food scraps, or car litter disposing.

540 Count doggie waste bags measure 13.5*9″, large enough to tie and pick up more pet poops. Poop bags for dogs materials are durable and leak-proof. Sanitary handling, no more worry for have feces on bare hands because of rips.

Our pet doggy poop bags tested to open easily and the bottom easy-tear hole seam for quick detach bag from the roll.Operating handy litter bags make sure you can enjoy a stress-free outdoor walk with your best furry friends.

9 MONTHS SUPPLY with 2 dog trash bags per day usage–540 doggy/doggie poop bags include 1 standard-size dog poop bag dispenser(No need to buy dispenser alone).