Dog Bowl Large Capacity No-Spill Pet Water Bowl



Dog Bowl Large Capacity No-Spill Pet Water Bowl

The upgraded dog water bowl can hold up to 70 oz / 2L water. Easy to keep medium or large breeds hydrated the whole day. It is also ideal for multi-pets homes.

The sealed floating disk won’t hold any water so it is much easier to keep the bowl clean. Also, there’s a replaceable filter on the floating disk to prevent water from getting smelly.

The patent-pending floating disk is easy for the dog to drink while keeping water in the bowl. The top rim can effectively prevent water from splashing and overflowing. Say goodbye to the messy floor.

There are 4 anti-slip rubber on the bottom to keep the bowl steady and prevents it from sliding around while the dog is drinking. Perfect for home or even in the RV or Truck.

Only a few amounts of water will come out each time dog is licking the floating disk. This helps your furry friend avoid vomiting or gulping. What’s more, it does good work to prevent the wet mouth to