Calming Hemp Treats for Dogs



Calming Hemp Treats for Dogs with Melatonin – formulated with known effective calming ingredients, like hemp oil, valerian root, chamomile and melatonin  These treats are effective but more importantly safe and healthy supplements. No chemical relaxants or sedatives are used. Suitable for hyper dogs of all breeds and sizes. Safe to use for puppies as well.

Is Your Dog a Picky Eater? We stick to simple formulas rich in natural bacon flavor, that could tempt a fussy eater. No hassle with pills, powder, tablets or capsules.

Moderate Anxiety and Stress – these calming treats help reduce symptoms of anxiety or stress such as growling, barking, scratching, chewing, licking, uncontrolled urination etc.   Anti-anxiety treats can be used to relax your pet during separation, car rides, vet visits, thunders and fireworks. 

Moderate Aggressive or Hyperactive Behavior – dog’s aggressive behavior like barking or growling, or hyperactive strolling or running is often caused by unfamiliar surrounding or stressful events.  Our calming treats are formulated to keep your buddy calm and composed even in the most stressful moments.

Bark & Spark Commitment – we are keen to give the best treatment to our furry customers and we take no compromise when it comes to product quality. Our calming treats are made in the USA, with human grade ingredients.  Shop now at for all your pet needs.

Delicious Flavor Dogs Love – Your dog will love the tasty flavor while getting awesome calming support.   Premium Calming Support – These delicious premium treats support and maintain calmness in animals experiencing external stressors and during stressful events such as storms and traveling.