Better Sporting Dogs Complete Starter Agility Kit



Better Sporting Dogs Complete Starter Agility Kit

Dog jumping hurdles can train your furry guys to be a great athlete that can be used indoors or outdoors for practicing in all weather! Provides quality exercise and greatly enhances the relationship and bond between dog and human.

Dog obstacle course have 27 poles and a hoop which can be set into a high jump set, ring jump set and weave poles to agility and speed. The jumping height can be adjusted by moving buckles to set different levels of difficulty. And you don’t have to mind the poles will be bent or damaged due to its high quality PVC material.

This dog exercise equipment have installation videos and instruction for easy installation, If you have problems when you install, you can contact our customer service to solve it for you.

Dog Agility training equipment have two carry bags, all accessories can be bumped into the carry bag including tunnel. 

Dog obstacle agility training kit can be said to be a very complete set including 27 orange poles, 8 plugs, 10 stakes, 4 connectors, 4 buckles, 1 jumping ring, 1 detachable tunnel, 8 ground stakes, 2 carrying bag,1 pause box, 1 instruction for use