Reasons to Clean up Your Dog’s Poop Immediately

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Many irresponsible pet owners leave their pet’s poop not bothering to scoop it up for safe disposal. It may be because they are not carrying poop bags or dog pooper scoopers with them, or they do not see it as an issue or just plain don’t care.  I have been caught in this situation forgetting to bring my poop bag but I do go and get a bag and return to pick it up.

My dog was 4 months old and we went on a camping trip.  The camp site was littered with dog poop left behind by irresponsible dog owners.  At 4 momths he was not yet fully protected because he needed his final vacine at 6 months. He contracted parvo from smelling all that dog poop left behind by campers.  He was deathly ill and I wasn’t sure he would survive.  He spent a week in the veterinary hospital because he couldn’t keep food down.  Then when we got him home he was afraid to eat for fear of vomiting.  We tried everything to get him to eat again.  It was a horrible situation to go through.

Here is a list of reasons for why you should clean up after pets.

  •  You should clean up the poop immediately because rainwater can carry it to drainage systems and     contaminate water bodies.  It takes 12 months for dog poop to decompose fully.
  • If it is not disposed of correctly, it poses a risk of exposure to harmful pathogens.  Bacteria such as E. coli and Salmonella in dog poop can cause diseases in dogs and humans.
  •  Dog poop can pollute fruits and vegetables, it’s not natural manure.
  • Dog poop can harm your grass as it has high amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus.
  • The sight and stink of dog poop is unpleasant and causes health hazards.